I suppose I’ll talk a bit about myself and this blog.  First off my name is Phoenix Eagleheart.  I am a Neo-Pagan that resides in Vermont.  I have lived in Vermont nearly all of my life except for a year long stint in Flordia in 2015.  I currently live in Northwest Vermont.

I mainly practice Nature Magick but I also practice many other forms of magick, mostly on a solitary level.  I am open to meeting other Pagans and practitioners and possibly join or start a coven.

I designed this site to write about my day to day activities as well as share interesting facts and articles about Paganism, magick, Wicca, nature, etc.  I also have a Facebook page: Phoenix Eagleheart.  Please like, share, and subscribe to my Facebook page as well as this website.  Be sure to check this site often for new entries.

Thank you and Blessed be.


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