Marijuana and Its Uses in Medicine, Recreation, & Magick


Many states in the U.S. have legalized, or are considering legalizing recreational use of Marijuana.  That being said, I think it is only prudent to put in my five senses on the topic.  I will discuss the use of marijuana in medicine, recreation, and magick.  As I am writing this, eight states (Alaska, Colorado, California, Nevada, Maine, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Washington) and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for recreational use.  Many states, such as Vermont, Delaware, and New York have decriminalized marijuana and/or approve it for medical use.  That being said, the Federal government as a whole has not legalized marijuana and still see it as a Schedule I drug with no accepted medical use and a high possibility for abuse.  There are many institutions that are currently doing research with marijuana to find out just how well marijuana can be used as a medicine….their findings are conclusive.

Researchers have found that marijuana used medically has many benefits.  Some uses for medical cannabis are:

  • Treatment of insomnia
  • Depression treatment
  • Treatment for PTSD
  • Treatment for AIDS symptoms
  • Epilepsy
  • Glaucoma
  • Cancer Chemo Symptom treatment
  • Physical Pain (joint pain, pinched nerves, etc.)
  • Multiple Sclerosis treatment
  • Helps calm Tourette’s Syndrome
  • Helps alleviate migraines
  • Stimulates appetite for people suffering from anorexia and bulimia

The best success story that I have heard came from a woman named Liz Gorman.  Mrs. Gorman is a lifelong conservative, the wife of a Marine Corps Major, and the mother of a nine year old girl whom suffers from severe epilepsy.  In 2013, Mrs. Gorman’s then six year old daughter was on thirteen different medications to help her epilepsy and had even gone through a brain surgery but none of that seemed to help.  Her daughter would suffer seizures caused by just waking up in the morning.  Mrs. Gorman wanted nothing more than for her little girl to be able to live a normal life, she became desperate.  After seeing that the medications and the surgery did not help she decided to seek an alternative route to treat her daughter.  She discovered cannabis extracts (dabs, oil, etc.) and the positive results they were having with people suffering from epilepsy.  This route however, came with a cost.  Having steady and legal access to cannabis extracts was a rare commodity at the time with only two states (Colorado and Washington), calling for total legalization of the plant that Mrs. Gorman desperately needed for her daughter.  So, in December of 2013 Mrs. Gorman and her family uprooted from their North Carolina home and planted themselves out west in Colorado.  Mrs. Gorman now gives her daughter one dose of cannabis extract twice a day and says that her daughter’s seizures are down 95%.  She is quoted stating, “I hate to use the word miraculous, but for us, it really has been.”

There are many stories much like Mrs. Gorman’s popping up all around the country as people are becoming more fed up with conventional methods of treating medical issues.  Many people are asking why the Federal government still sees marijuana as a drug with no medical uses when the evidence against the Feds’ claims are stacking up.  There is even some preliminary evidence that marijuana attacks cancer cells.  That being said, many people use cannabis for medication and recreation.  Personally I use cannabis both for its medicinal properties and its psychoactive effects.

I started smoking marijuana recreationally in 2009 when it was still illegal for recreational use in all states.  I was eighteen, fresh out of high school and working my summer job at Burger King before I headed off to college.  After a closing shift, my friend, whom also worked there and the janitor of Burger King asked me if I wanted to partake in a smoke session.  I was apprehensive at first, thinking about all of the negative things I had learned in health class about the “horrible gateway drug” but I decided, after much peer pressure, to give it a try.  So, we locked all the doors in the restaurant and proceeded to pack and light up a bowl.  The first hit I took I became stoned.  I wasn’t sure if I liked the feeling or not.  I was somewhat paranoid of the fact that we were smoking in the place that I worked but after a few more hits I was relaxing and enjoying myself.  I noticed that everything was nicer during that first smoke session and I thought that if everyone smoked marijuana the world would be a much nicer place.  After that night, whenever my friend, the janitor, and I closed we always stayed after hours and got high.

Once I started college I smoked maybe once or twice as marijuana was expensive in college and not having a lot of money, I couldn’t always partake.  After college I began working as a chef.  The chef life is full of drugs, drinking, and bad decisions and that is where I began getting more involved in the cannabis life.  Every day before and after, and sometimes during work I would smoke a bowl.  I was a better chef when I was high.  I could create amazing sell-out specials that I just couldn’t do sober.  I was more creative and loved my profession even more.  I won’t deny that smoking marijuana didn’t also lead me to trying other drugs such as LSD, Ecstasy, and cocaine but those never really excited me as much as marijuana did.  There was not much danger involved in marijuana whereas the others I could easily overdose.  After a while I stopped doing the other drugs and stuck to smoking weed.  In 2014 I was introduced to cannabis extracts and edibles.  The first time I smoked a cannabis extract I was floored.  My friends gave me a huge dose and I was out of it.  I thought I was dying.  I was scared and just wanted it to end.  I felt like I couldn’t breathe, I was burning up, and couldn’t (or didn’t) want to move.  After about thirty minutes of that hell I began coming down and the feeling was very enjoyable.  However, I didn’t like the first feeling I received.

Over the next few months I began experimenting with different doses of cannabis extracts and found a dose that I was happy to take and it gave me the desired effects.  At that time I was suffering from a pinched nerve and I found that smoking this cannabis extract helped alleviate the ongoing pain that I was suffering in my legs and back as well as make me very happy.  In 2014 I also took on an Intern at the restaurant that I worked at from a culinary school.  This girl was the most beautiful girl I had ever met in my life (long, wavy black hair, a gorgeous smile, freckles, not to mention a killer personality) and even though I knew it was unethical, I began having feelings for her.  I mean it’s hard not to when you work one on one with someone like her.  I didn’t make any advances however, I was a good boy.  Then one night I was drinking at a local bar and in she walks.  She plops down next to me, orders herself a drink and asks if I want to dance.  I hesitated for a minute, I wasn’t a good dancer and I could really end up getting in a lot of trouble with my boss if he found out, but in the end I took her hand and she led me to the dance floor.  Some Cuban song was playing and she just started moving her hips and getting close.  I put my hands on her waist and we began dancing, staring into each other’s eyes constantly until both of our eyes closed and our lips touched.  It felt like eternity, but the best kind of eternity (if that makes sense).  I was never the kind of guy to fall head over heels for someone on the first date but she had me hooked.  After the bar closed we proceeded to go to her car (a little red Volkswagen bug) and smoked a bowl and made out.  That was the first time I had smoked marijuana and become intimate with someone.  The feeling of bliss was monumental.  We both had to work early in the morning so she asked if I wanted to go to her house for the night.  I accepted the invitation and she drove us to her house.  We went to her bedroom and she packed another bowl.  We smoked it and then decided to lie down.  She laid her head on my chest, I was feeling amazing.  I kissed her head and she looked up and our eyes met.  She kissed me and we began making out which led to the best sex I had ever had in my life.

Smoking marijuana before sex was a new experience for me and it was a mind blowing one.  Every feeling was intensified and I lasted longer than I ever had in my life.  From then on, until she went back to culinary school we dated and made love and it was amazing.  I had never and still haven’t felt that way about any woman other than her.  Smoking marijuana enhanced my sex life with her and made us a stronger couple.  However, good things aren’t always meant to last.  When she returned to culinary school we fell apart and she found another man.  I was hurt, I still am, but she taught me a lot about marijuana and how it can make sex an even more pleasurable experience.  A recent study surveyed 800 men and 800 women and 75% of men said that marijuana increased sexual pleasure whereas 90% of women said the same thing.  Both men and women stated that marijuana also increased the quality of an orgasm.

Today, I use cannabis mainly for its medicinal properties and on occasion for its psychoactive properties.  I have learned much in the last eight years about marijuana and the cannabis culture and am grateful for every experience that I have had from it.  I have recently also began studying the use of marijuana in magick, Paganism, and witchcraft.

There is an argument among practitioners of magick about the uses of marijuana while practicing magick.  Some feel that it has no use in magick because it can cloud judgement however; there are also many that believe that marijuana can be used as a spiritual enhancer.  Personally, I find using marijuana when practicing magick is a good thing.  For me it helps aid in meditation and astral projection.  Throughout history people have used marijuana in their religious practices.  For instance: Native Americans used it for spiritual journeys, as well as for relaxation.  Pagan oracles used marijuana to divine the Gods and priests used it to speak to the Gods.

There are whole rituals that use the marijuana plant below is an example of such a ritual.  This ritual is used to banish negative energy within oneself.

The Vortex

Materials to be used

  1. chalice filled with wine
  2. wand
  3. sound system (can be of any kind)
  4. candle (black, if possible)
  5. mirror
  6. altar
  7. medium amount of cannabis

The setting should be a dark room (preferably small). Arrange yourself in front of the altar in which you have set a candle in the middle. On the left side is to be the chalice and on the right side is to be the wand. Behind the altar is to be set a mirror in which the candles light can be reflected. Start the music, which should be something that you personally enjoy, preferably rhythmic and natural (I usually use ocean sounds). Play it as loud as your circumstances allow you. As a rule, the louder that the music is played, the more your mind can become part of the ritual. Meditate in front of the candle, close your eyes, and reflect on inner peace and balance. Next, take the cannabis and vape it or smoke it until you have fully consumed it. There is no right amount to consume at this point, but it should be enough that you are heavily into it, more so than you usually are. Then, gradually think of your energy growing larger and larger. Visualize it constantly expanding and growing larger. Then think of yourself sucking psychic energy from a black vortex. This is to be from any source possible and whom you suck the energy from does not matter. Now imagine you depositing all of your bad energy into that vortex to be destroyed. Now open your eyes, reach for the chalice, and repeat the words “I drink from this chalice all the good in the world. I proclaim the destruction of all lie and hypocrisy and I shall rise to the ultimate fate. I proclaim upon this day that I am born anew in the light of the sacred earth in the dawn of this new beginning. I consume the sacred herb and I am becoming one with the earth and all of the majestic glory herein”. Drink the wine from the chalice and set it down. Take the wand, point it as if touching stars, and proclaim, “The stars of space reach through my spine and signal a New Aeon of man and woman kind. Praise all the glories of the earth and teach us to live as one with you” Now place the wand down and stare back into the flame. Visualize all greatness coming into you and forming a vortex. Now repeat this sigil and imagine it in front of you as you visualize it.






Now recite your wishes and demands as well as grievances. Say all that needs to be said. Then, when you are done, scream, “I am done! I cast out all ill feelings and horrid spirits. I am one with the clean earth and banish demons to the winds!” Awaken in time and feel anew. Liberty is yours for the taking. You are now free.

There are many pros to using marijuana for medicine, recreation, and magick but it would be naïve and irresponsible to not talk about some of the cons.  Smoking or consuming marijuana can cause paranoia, you can become addicted to the feeling of being high (not the plant itself), you will build up a tolerance and need to smoke more to get the desired effects, from personal experience marijuana can be considered a gateway drug (but it may not be so for all people), and finally many people consider smoking marijuana to be safer to smoke than cigarettes, this is somewhat true seeing as marijuana does not have any added chemicals but smoking anything will damage your lungs be it marijuana, tobacco, etc.

I hope that you found this to be both entertaining and informative.  I want to hear what you think about marijuana.  Leave comments below.


For more information of marijuana and its uses in magick and meditation download the following ebooks:

Cannabis and Meditation: An Explorer’s Guide

Cannabis Alchemy

Marijuana Magick: A Practitioner’s Guide


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