Back At It…In the 802

Hello everyone!  It has been a very long time since I last wrote on here due to a variety of reasons.  The biggest reason is that at the end of April this year I moved back to Vermont and sold off a majority of my possessions including my laptop which made it nearly impossible for me to keep up with this blog.  I am quite happy to be back in Vermont and have decided to devote more of my time to the craft and this blog.  I have a list of announcements that I would like to tell you all so this post will be mainly devoted to that list.

First off, I want to welcome you all back to my blog and hope that you will all find this blog both informative and entertaining.  Secondly, I want to turn some attention to my new business.  I love woodworking and love collecting magick wands so I decided to put two and two together and started making my own wands.  My friends and family suggested that I start selling my wands and other magickal creations to the public.  So in June 2016 I opened Williams Wand & Bowl Company (Williams is my Mundane Surname).  I have a Facebook Page for my company: Williams Wand & Bowl Company and I also have an Etsy shop at Williams Wands.  The Facebook page mostly showcases my creations and talks about upcoming products whereas on my Etsy shop you can actually purchase my products.  All of the products that I create are made from wood and I rarely use any plastics or metals.  In fact, at the current moment, I have nothing for sale that has any plastic or metal components.


Purpleheart Wand

I also take custom orders on wands.  To request a custom wand on Etsy just click on the Request Customization link located on all posts or on the shop’s main page.  You can also message me on the company Facebook page and I will get back to you with a quote.  I also ship internationally as well so everyone outside of the USA can enjoy my products as well.

The last bit on my list is a book series that I am currently writing and might publish.  It will be a Six volume series discussing and showcasing mythical, magickal, and legendary creatures as well as the cryptids of all of the continents.  The first volume in the series will be entitled Extraordinary Creatures and Their Dwellings: North America.  This volume will cover Canada, The United States, Mexico, and Latin America.  The second volume will cover South America and Antarctica, the third volume will be Europe, the fourth will encompass Africa and the Middle East, the fifth volume will be about Asia, and the sixth volume will cover Australia and New Zealand.  As I write the books I will post excerpts from different chapters.  The books will be available in Hardcover but the price is still to be determined.

Well, that’s about all I have for today.  But I will promise that I will write often probably once or twice a week, hopefully, more.  As always it has been a pleasure.



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