Gods of Thunder Protection Spell

Magickal Circle

This spell is a family protection spell that calls upon the power of the Gods of Thunder. The best day to do this spell is on Thursday because Zeus and Thor are associated with Thursday (Thorsday). Secondly make an incense consisting of 1 part anise, 1 part ginger, and 1 part lavender. All of these are protection herbs. Combine these herbs in a mortar and pestle and reduce to a powder. You will know have a loose incense. To burn a loose incense you will need a fire proof container, sand, and charcoal tablets. You will also need a 20 inch white cord and five white non-scented candles. The color white symbolizes protection and purity. A piece of chalk is also a good thing to have but is optional depending on how you cast your magickal circle.

Step One: Prepare your protection incense consisting of 1 part anise, 1 part ginger, and 1 part lavender by crushing them into a fine powder in a mortar and pestle.

Step Two: On a Thursday take a fireproof container, add sand to the bottom of it, light a charcoal tablet and place it on top of the sand in the fireproof container.

Step Three: Cast a circle using white chalk. Make sure you can fit inside it and are able to draw a pentacle within the circle. See picture at top of post.

Step Four: Place and light the five white non-scented candles at the five points of the pentacle.  Also place the loose incense on top of the burning charcoal and let it fill up the circle before beginning the spell.  While this is happening visual your family and friends.

Step Five: While thinking about all of your family members and friends whom you wish to protect chant the following spell while tying a not for each verse every two inches.


Knot One: Gods of Thunder hear my cry.  Keep watch over me with your eyes.

Knot Two: Gods of Thunder hear my need.  Help me protect my own seed.

Knot Three: Gods of Thunder hear my plea.  Keep my family and I free.

Knot Four: Gods of Thunder hear my creed.  Please don’t let my loved ones bleed. 

Knot Five: Gods of Thunder hear my call.  Please don’t hesitate, please don’t stall. 

Knot Six: Gods of Thunder I ask of you.  Please protect is through and through.

Knot Seven: Gods of Thunder I hope you see.  Blanket us all.  So mote it be!

At the end of the spell close the circle and bury the cord in a place which you know it won’t be disturbed.  Clean up your space and rest.


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