Welcome to my Blog!

This is my first post to this blog.  I’m not quite sure what to write about so I think I’ll just start writing about what this blog will have on it and who I am.  First off, my name is Phoenix Eagleheart.  This is my chosen name, not my birth name.  I am a male, 24 years old, and born on February 19th.  I am a Pisces-Aquarius Cusp.  I practice solitary nature magick for the most part because nature magick is neither white or black.  Nature does not discriminate.  For all of my life, up until June 2015 I lived in upstate Vermont.  In June 2015 I decided to pack up myself, my roommate, and our cat Sophie and hit the road to Florida.  We had $600, a full tank of gas, and each other.  It took us two days to get to Florida and we decided to stay with my roommate’s brother in Port St. Lucie.  We have both been searching to jobs, but to no prevail.  Today, I have a promising lead at a restaurant in Port St. Lucie.  Hopefully that works out.  FYI: in the mundane world I am a chef.

The Flora and Fauna down here in Florida is incredible.  I love waking up, going outside, and seeing all the lizards, birds, and insects.  The trees and plants are massive and very interesting.  I have yet to connect with other magickal folks in Florida and hope to do so very soon.  Anyway, this blog will be mostly a journal about my day to day activities as well as a virtual Book of Shadows.  I will try to post everyday but I obviously can’t make that promise due to the fact that life has many unforeseen forces that could keep me away from a technological device.

I also have a Facebook page that you all may like to visit, like, follow, and share.  It is called: Phoenix Eagleheart.  I also have a YouTube page.  I haven’t updated it in a while but I plan to very soon.  You can find that here: Vermont Wizard.  I hope you all find this blog interesting and informative.  Please check back daily to see new posts.

Thank you & Blessed Be.



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